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-You may call me Aly
-Atlanta Native
-22 years strong
-Hates the Spring
– Adores the summer sun.
-Nega jeil ja Nega

Just hit that time in my life where I’m an adult(I guess) and with so much going on in the world today, it is kind of hard to stay grounded. Its also hard to keep my opinion in head. There is just so much to comment on. That here is the purpose of this blog. This here is my social commentary on everything going on around me. Are you ready to see the world through my eyes? Click here to be transported to a new world(aka web page.)


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Mylan’s Epi-Fail: Social Media Monitoring

In the age where information is a click away, following your favorite brand on social media is a simple task. Fortunately it is easy for a student like myself to follow conversations surrounding certain brands. Let us take for instance the company Mylan, top manufacturer of the life saving device EpiPen. The company is currently … Continue reading Mylan’s Epi-Fail: Social Media Monitoring

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